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Setup your own GitLab CI runner in minutes with Docker Compose

For my own projects I've always just used GitLab shared runners within their free tier. This worked out fine.

But sometimes, I ran out of CI minutes.
And I just didn't want to spend 10 dollars on CI minutes, it's just more fun setting up my own runners on my own hardware for side projects! So let's use that server that is is almost doing nothing the whole day besides running some home automation stuff).

And I was surprised; I've had my first runner working in about 5 minutes!

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Fun facts about Dutch addresses

I've got some project where correct addresses are important. And while doing that project, I've found out some fun things about dutch addresses...

I think most developers know the "Falsehoods programmers believe about addresses" post. If you never seen it, it's a worth-reading list! This one goes about lots of addresses around the world.

This post is only about Dutch addresses, because there are some strange addresses out there in the Netherlands!
And as-the-nerd-that-I-am, I've spent some time to write the things I've learned abut addresses down in some blog post :-).

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Getting all data from Stack cloud with lftp

Some long time ago, I've created some free TransIP Stack account.

Fine, free 1TB storage! A place to backup my data off-site for free! But free, always come with some downside...
Some years ago, TransIP . Left about ~50GB of data there, and every time I tried to batch-download everything it failed somewhere...

Downloaded stopped, got disconnections, etc. etc.

I accepted I've been vendor locked-in TransIP... Till now!

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How SlackOps (ChatOps) can help you work more focused and be more productive (and more remote...)

Do you know the feeling, when you are starting with your work and opening up a lot of apps/websites like;

  • Your e-mail
  • Your Slack/Business chat application
  • Your Jira/project management board with lots of notifications
  • Your GitLab/GitHub/Whatever that runs all CI and your open Pull Requests
  • Monitoring for your apps with notifications and stuff
  • Some news apps
  • ... Stack up everything you are using

During the day, in all that apps things happen. And all apps will ping you, and you will switch tabs/screens the whole day to keep up to date with everything that is important...

This blog is about routing everything to your daily-use chat application, so you only have 1 app to start up at the beginning of your working day.

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