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Getting all data from Stack cloud with lftp

Some long time ago, I've created some free TransIP Stack account.

Fine, free 1TB storage! A place to backup my data off-site for free! But free, always come with some downside...
Some years ago, TransIP . Left about ~50GB of data there, and every time I tried to batch-download everything it failed somewhere...

Downloaded stopped, got disconnections, etc. etc.

I accepted I've been vendor locked-in TransIP... Till now!

I've managed to download everything on my Ubuntu Server with lftp! Now I can finally choose some better place to save my backups off-site.

Start with generating some sftp access token

Replace [your-url]  with your own subdomain/URL

Go to https://[your-url] and generate a sftp access token.

This access token can be used to authenticate with (l)ftp.

Connect with lftp and start downloading 10+ files parallel!

Now, type in the following commands into your terminal

  1. cd [directory where you want your data] 
  2. lftp sftp://[your-url]
    1. To setup ftp connection with Stack
  3. login [username]
    1. Just use your Stack username
    2. Then fill in your generated access token to login
  4. mirror --parallel=10 .
    1. Maybe you can use more connections, I've just let it be 10.

After that, you just keep you PC alone download all files to the folder (I've managed to handle 10 parallel downloads).

This way I've managed to download 60+GB files within 24 hours.
Yes, still slow... But I've got my files back on my own disk!

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