Robert van Lienden

My name is Robert, born in 1995, and I am working both a web developer and an events technician.

For both I'm available for freelance projects.

If you want to hear more about what I can do for your project, please get in contact.

You can also schedule an 30 minute meeting with me directly here!

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Web developer

As a developer, I have experience with various PHP frameworks, such as SilverStripe CMS, Laravel, Symfony, and Laminas framework, and I can build robust and secure websites and web applications.
My focus is in back-end development, but I'm also having some front-end experience (CSS/Bootstrap/Bulma/Vue.js).

Read more about my software development work, or get in contact directly!

Silverstripe themes and more free software

Are you a developer looking for free software or free Silverstripe CMS themes?

Here are the Silverstripe CMS themes and here you can find more information about my open source software.

ColorPhone - ColorPhone turns your crowd into DMX lighting fixtures

I've created software to control phone browsers with DMX and use them as lighting fixtures.

This software is available on https://colorphone.dev/

You can read more about ColorPhone here

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Event technician

Additionally, I am an experienced events technician with all-around experience in setting up and breaking down equipment, coordinating sound and lighting systems, and ensuring safety on location.

My specialization lies in designing and executing light shows using avolites lighting desks.

Do you want to read more about my work as an event technician?

Or do you want to get in contact direct to hear what I can do for your event?

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