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All my Open Source projects are found on

Not all projects are not actively maintained, but I share some of them for learning purposes .

For myself, I've learned much from reading others code and working with existing projects.
But when I've started with coding, I've had a very hard time finding some (simple) projects to understand.

I hope that the projects I share can help people with learning PHP frameworks like for example; Symfony and Laravel.

SilverStripe themes

I have released some SilverStripe themes as Open Source packages.

You can download and use this themes for free.

You can view all the themes over here

Silverstripe bulma primary theme

silverstripe bulma primary theme

Silverstripe modules

Silverstripe elemental advanced edit

This module was born as an work-around for an GitHub issue.

It adds an link to the single-item edit page for Silverstripe elemental, to edit fields that are not inline-editable.

Silverstripe addons

This module adds some extra features to Silverstripe with 1 module;

  • Upload logo for website header
  • Page header (you can disable this for the whole site in the Settings)
  • Footer text left/right
  • Item overview and detail page
    • Slideshow images

This module is also compatible with Silverstripe Bulma Portfolio Theme