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Ollama EasyPHPRompt (Chrome Extension)

Ollama EasyPHPRompt: A Local LLM Collaboration

I've combined Ollama, an open-source local language model (LLM), with Symfony to create Ollama EasyPHPRompt. This software simplifies the process of adding prefixes and suffixes to Ollama requests, enabling more versatile usage for various tasks.

A Chrome extension has been developed as a companion tool for effortless interaction with Ollama EasyPHPRompt. With this setup, you can easily summarize large texts or perform a myriad of other functions using custom prefixes and suffixes to optimize the AI's responses.

Ollama EasyPHPRompt Software

To set up Ollama EasyPHPRompt on your system, visit its GitHub repository at

Chrome Extension

The Chrome extension for seamless integration with Ollama EasyPHPRompt is available via this link:

You can find the source code over here;